How To Create A Free Website Using Canva

 You are probably thinking about how to create a good website, however, you missed where to start! You're thinking about creating a portfolio, a business website, or an event website but you don't have money to buy a domain name and host your website, today I have good news for you.

Canva App allows you to create a free website of your choice in a minute and optimize it for desktop or mobile devices. Create a good-looking website for free with canva without coding by using the template of your choice in thousands of free templates available in the canva website maker. Use millions of designs available on Canva, add photos from the stock or your device, and add text and colors to your webpage easily.

Here are five steps on how to create a free website using Canva:

  • Open Canva, 
  • Choose a website template,
  • Customize your site, 
  • Personalize it with more elements,
  • And then Publish your website 

1 Open Canva 

Do you have a canva account? If yes, Launch it and search for website then choose the website you want to create: business website, Portfolio, Event website, etc and start your design project.
If you don't have a canva account, you need to sign up in canva and create an account using Google, Facebook account, or email then start to design as is indicated to those who have already created their Canva account.

2 Choose a website template 

There is a huge number of templates available on Canva. Choose one from the Canva collection of ready-made website layouts that you can customize instantly or create yours. Find templates in different themes, styles, colours, and purposes. Now you're ready to start up your website creation. Select a blank template and create a website from scratch.

3 Customize your site 

Arrange your website and its content. Here you need to edit texts and arrange the layouts to your liking. Sometimes there are photos and texts found on the ready-made template that you chose, you have to use your photos and texts relative to the ideas of the website you are creating. Choose from various font styles and combinations in the Canva library. Blend and match the colours and backgrounds to your branding. Still need more sections. Well, simply add a new design page for your content.

4 Personalize your website with more elements 

Fill your website with imagery and visual experiences. Explore Canva rich media library for free and premium stock photos, videos, backgrounds, icons and vectors. Add charts, graphs, and animations or upload yours for free.

5 Publish your website 

You have to preview how your website will look on desktop and mobile devices. Then click Resize to mobile option if it is for mobile viewing, if not change it to desktop if it is for desktop viewing and then click Publish as a website to choose a free canva website domain or purchase for your domain.
Now you have created successfully your website. Start to share with your audience.

In Conclusion, Canva has many options for your needs in your business. When you're creating the website, you have to add some links to your website if it is necessary to help your audience to navigate easily to your website. You will need to make your website appearance looks fair.

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